Combo/Special Blades

Combo and Special Blades are suitable for medium to heavy duty job applications. They are user-friendly and highly functional. Combo and Special Blades are regarded as a premium version of the popular General Purpose Blades. These blades are ideally used for cutting asphalt, green concrete, block, concrete, hard concrete, pavers, brick, clay pavers, hard brick, refractory brick, field stones, marble, granite, and ductile iron pipe.  Diamond Blade Dealer carries a full line of Combo and Special Blades to choose including:

  • All Cut Pro Saw Blades -alternating segments, undercut protection, slanted U gullets, cooling holes.
  • All Cut Supreme Plus - Alternating segments, Undercut protection, Slanted U gullets, and cooling holes allow these blades to deliver incredible performance.
  • Supreme Pro All Purpose - laser welded, cooling holes in core, low noise, extended blade life.
  • Ductile Iron Saw Blades -swirl electroplated diamond side protection on core, eliminates “pipe pinching”.
  • Super G Blades - laser welded, 4 drop segments, extended cutting life
  • TC Saw Blades -laser welded, 12 mm Jumbo Rim, turbo segments, undercut protection